France is an amazing city, and the capital is not only full of incredible things to see and do but bursting with culture.  The French capital is the most touristic city in the world with over 30 million making the pilgrimage every year.

With many things to do in Paris it is hard to cover everything – and some of the really cool things to do are touristic – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them, just do them a little differently to really get the most out of it!

Explore Paris with a Free Walking Tour

Pont Neuf

Source: Unsplash

Pont Neuf

Paris has so much to offer and the best way to start your trip is exploring it with a free walking tour.  Sandemans offer great free tours of the city.  This will give you a chance to see the great sights, walk through the streets of Paris, along the Seine River, Place de La Concorde and down the Champs Elysées, learning some amazing stories and history of the city as you go!

This is the perfect way to see the key sights of the city and make a few new friends in a new city – one of my favourite parts about travelling!

Picnic by the Eiffel Tower!

DSC00609The Eiffel Tower is one of the most recognisable images in the world, millions of tourists flock there every year – if you want to climb it – I recommend taking the stairs.  The queue is much shorter and it is much cheaper.

But in my opinion the best way to enjoy this beautiful French icon is to pack a picnic, and a bottle of wine and enjoy it by sunset – a great way to enjoy it with friends or that special someone, and after the sun sets you will be treated to a beautiful light show that starts every half an hour, perfect for photos.

Château de Versailles

Château de Versailles

This amazing French castle is one of my favourite attractions in Paris – 45 minutes on the RER outside the main city the home of Louis the XIV is one castle that you must visit.  Pick any day other than Monday and explore the remarkable golden interior of the castle that was a symbol for the absolute monarchy before the French revolution.

After being awestruck by the beautiful interiors of the castle hire a bike and take some time to explore the stunning gardens – take a picnic and get lost amongst the hedge maze, or the grand canal, or any of the incredible grounds that encompass this amazing Château!

Sandemans also run tours of Versailles if you would prefer the guided approach!

Get lost in Montmartre

Sacre Coeur – Montmatre

Montmartre is, in my opinion one of the most French pockets of the city.  This is an absolute must!  I have stayed in this district of Paris the last 2 times I was in Paris and can’t get enough of it!  Explore the beautiful little streets, have a coffee while watching the famous artists work their magic in Artists Square.

While you are in Montmartre – head to my favourite tourist attraction – Sacre Coeur.  This amazing church is an absolute jewel that I have seen every time I go to Paris.  In the evenings they have buskers playing songs on guitars and it becomes a meeting point both for locals and tourists alike!  Buy a couple of beers from the questionable legal salespeople and enjoy a summer night in style!

Discover Musée de Louvre

Pont Neuf

Source: Unsplash

Pont Neuf

If you are an art aficionado arguably the world’s most famous museum – the Louvre is worth the visit.  Home to the world famous Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo these are but 2 of the thousands of incredible pieces that adorn the halls.  One of the world’s greatest collections of sculptures, paintings and Egyptian antiquities.

If you do venture in – use one of the secret entrances to the Louvre – the Portes des Lions is a particularly good one, find it, skip the very long queues and head straight in – even better buy your ticket online to skip the queues at the ticket office as well.

Speak a little French and make friends with a local

13876501_10210250737451904_4149816745031464509_nBefore you go – learn a little French, if nothing else the locals smile when you ask them “Comment ça va?”.  It adds a new layer to your trip.  When you have friends from that city you never know where it will take you!  To be honest – this is a must in any city – not just in Paris!

One of my most memorable days in Paris was a trip to la fourrière with a Parisian friend.  A simple day wandering across Paris – and ending with a little Pizza and homemade crêpes – a simple day that was a lot of fun when spent with a friend!  These are the opportunities that you can seize when you meet locals, you never know what your day will hold!