Travelling alone can be a lot of fun but when you travel anything can happen and they are the moments that you will tell everyone about but when you have people you can share them with you can completely relive those amazing experiences.


Friendships are built through shared experiences and everything is more fun when you have a friend to share it with.  You will be looking back on these memories for years to come.


Friends will be there when you have to stay in the dive hostel where no one else is staying or when everyone is too cliquey and not interested in meeting new people.


Friends will always be there to help you out, whether it is to introduce you to new people, or help pull the eject cord on a conversation that is going nowhere.



Once you have travelled together – you will be ready for anything.  That time that you had sleep on the floor at Heathrow, or you missed your flight, or spent 2 hours wandering around the city while your hotel was only a few blocks away – once you get through that – you will be ready to conquer the world.  Get out there and enjoy it!