Travelling on long haul flights is a painful necessity of travelling – especially for those who like me live on the opposite side of the world, 10 hours to most of Asia, 16 to North America, and 24 hours to London

I am writing this while sitting on a flight to London, and while I am flying with one of the better airlines in Etihad the lack of comfort in cattle class is a problem for those who aren’t flying at the pointy end – or who can’t flirt or joke their way up (yes I tried, no it didn’t work).

flying-people-sitting-public-transportationHere are my 5 steps to making the flight bearable.

  • Stay hydrated

The airline cabins are dry, staying hydrated is important – especially watch out if you wear contacts like I do they dry out very quickly.  Buying a bottle of water before boarding is a great idea as well.people-airport-terminal

  • Exercise

Get up and exercise – deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a risk of long haul travel so get up walk around the plane, do exercises to help with

  • Compression socks/clothes

If you are worried about DVT then think about wearing compression socks, or compression tights – they help with blood flowflying-people-sitting-public-transportation

  • Snacks

Get a few snacks together before your flights – especially if you are travelling with a discount airline.  They can help satisfy those cravings mid flight

  • Be friendly to your cabin crew

Cabin crew can make your flight great or terrible, they are also people too – smile at them when they come by, smile at them when you ask for a drink, I have had a great time chatting with the cabin crew on several flights, and getting their advice on where to go and what to see!flight-sky-clouds-fly

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