2016-05-29 11.24.56We have grown a little weary of the buses and trains taking hours and spoilt ourselves with a short 1 hour plane trip, at the airport we said auffietezen to our friend Wei Jen (or maybe see you again soon?) and headed to Zagreb, Croatia.

Our trip to Zagreb was a lot more relaxing than I think either of us intended.  We picked another winning hostel in Swanky Mint – the right mix of cool, sociable clean and quiet.  It was a great place to stay, one of the best for us at the very least on this trip.


Our Zagreb Crew
Our Zagreb Crew

Croatia is a cool country, awesome weather and in Zagreb – a really cool vibe.  Our first night we met a lot of friendly people all living in the UK and travelling around Europe for a few months in between their university courses – we shared a few quiet drinks but kept things relatively tame, certainly compared to other nights.

2016-05-29 12.00.21The next morning we headed out for a walking tour around the city, unfortunately the guide was not nearly as good as other cities that we have visited.  We bailed on the tour and decided to take things at our own pace – checking out the cathedrals, and markets of Zagreb without a guide.

The city its2016-05-29 18.44.51elf is beautiful, for the capital of Croatia it takes on a much slower pace than many of the other cities that we have enjoyed.  We took a really lazy day in Zagreb spending time resting and taking things at our own pace.

We also took the opportunity to check out the observation deck for the city, taking in the spectacular view, and discovering a museum of a different kind – the Museum of Broken Relationships – a different and unique insight into the relationships of different people from around the world, certainly a ‘heavier’ experience than how it was pitched to me.

Zagreb was a much more relaxed and uneventful stop for us, we stayed in a cool hostel, but needed to get some respite, so as we sat down to dinner that night, we planned our next trip – heading to Ljubljana.

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