Venice is an amazing city, and the adventure here started a little before we even stepped foot in the city.  Our train from Milan allocated us seats next to a couple of Americans who were travelling around Europe.  Brinindune, Chase and their friend Eric were on their way into Venice having spent a couple of days in Milan and covering a lot of Europe.  Our train trip was this time spent getting to know our new friends rather than writing blogs or catching up on Game of Thrones, and was really interesting!
When we did arrive in the city we made plans to catch up with the Americans the next day and explore Venice before heading to our respective hotels.  It was at this hotel in Venice where we learnt a very important lesson – always double check the map before you book.   What I thought was a hotel right next to the central station was in actual fact a hotel that was a 10 minute taxi.  However once we accepted our fate we checked in and found some dinner, traditional Italian lasagne before heading back to our room for an early night.
View from across the sea
The next morning after enjoying a better than expected breakfast we set off for an earlier start in Venice.  We met up with Brinindune and Chase and they were able to show us a little part of the city that they had discovered the previous night.  Including the spot that one of them fell into the canal back pack and all – and lived to tell the tale!  We spent the entire morning sightseeing and getting to know these guys better, listening to their travel stories and their adventures.
Basilica of San Marco
Gondolas on the Canal
Venice is truly a remarkable city, entirely made up of pedestrians and canals it is something that needs to be seen to be believed.  As we wandered through the city taking in all the alleys and the canals of this city we were suitably impressed and amazed.  There are so many little market places and restaurants on the main island of Venice to be discovered.  We walked past interesting statues and squares before arriving at the famous Rialto Bridge that links different parts of the island.  An impressive stone structure that is a popular tourist photo spot is the oldest bridge in Venice that joins the two main districts on the island.
The canals of Venice
After crossing and moving deeper into the island we arrived at the famous Marco Square although we were confronted with an interesting dilemma – the way into the square was completely flooded and under about 15cm of water.  This phenomenon is something that happens to the Venetians on a more than regular basis and being a city that primarily operates off tourists they have temporary boardwalks that they erect for such purposes.  After battling the crowd we finally got a chance to move in and see the beautiful buildings of St Marks Basilica – and the Bell Tower.  They are magnificent structures, and did certainly not disappoint however unfortunately due in part to flooding and in part to the massive crowds we were unable to get in.
Michelle James Brinindune and
Chase (l-r)
At this point Brinindune and Chase left to catch their train to Rome, so we continued on exploring the markets at San Marco.  There were so many interesting little stalls selling all kinds of different things for tourists.  After a bit of shopping we set out to find some lunch and Gelato.
The Canals of Venice
After enjoying the popular Italian born desert we continued to explore the town and literally got lost amongst the streets of this beautiful city.  We wandered around for ages exploring little shops and markets, buying a few things along the way.   As we headed back towards the main station to get off the island that is Venice we decided to take a gondola ride around the city but were extremely disappointed when we learnt that all of the rides left from the part of the city that we had come from at lunch time.
So we decided to get some Italian food and have another early night as we prepare for our trip to Florence the next day.
The board walk in Venice
Seeing Venice.  This amazing city is forecast to be completely underwater by as early as 2032 and it is something that has to be seen to be believed, the way it is designed, the layout of the streets, it truly is a remarkable place.
Meeting the Americans, they were really cool and we have already made plans to catch up with them again when we travel to Rome next week!
Bridges in Venice
The Funnier Things I saw.
So many shops selling and people wearing gumboots.  For a fashion forward country I found this to be pretty peculiar until I saw the miniature lakes that had formed in the main square as a result of flooding.  The penny dropped as it all started to make sense.
The Final Word.
Venice was a great way to spend the day, it is an amazing place and a must see for any travellers heading to Italy.


Sun Setting over Venice

Rialto Bridge
Main Square of Venice



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