Saying a farewell (well more of a see you soon) to my buddy John we went our separate ways, John back to London for his return flight and me to Varna for a well-deserved couple of days of relaxing and partying.  I stayed at the renound X Hostel located outside the main city of Varna but a cool little place with a great relaxed chilled out vibe.  A garden that is the pride and joy of the Bulgarian owner, while the manager, Chris, runs an incredible little hostel.

2016-06-24 13.07.09Of course these cities are only as good as the people that I have met, here they were exceptional.  The Aussies Patrick and Mitch with their New Zealand mate James made this city a big standout, much partying, many chilled out hours during the day.  A massive shout out to the lads running the hostel as well – Anders and Hector were legends.

2016-06-24 13.10.02My first night started with a cheeky hostel dinner and a few quiet beers with the lads before we headed into the party district of Golden Sands.  This place is difficult to describe, while this whole town reminds me of Thailand it was the night markets and many salespeople that really drove this point home.  Also the scope of parties here was another give away.

2016-06-24 13.21.34The first night was the popular UV party, and another chance to ruin more clothes with UV paint that is incredibly hard to get out!  Either way it was a great night of dancing, partying, meeting a surprisingly high percentage of German tourists and having fun.  Met a few cool people that night – in particular the friends I found as I was going for a little late night sustenance (apologies again for boring you guys to tears I am sure).

13517849_10154414430661282_1592323370_oThe next day the group headed into Varna to see the key sights, really the cathedral and the park and then our afternoon got a little lost when we found a beautiful café that we could have lunch and a few cold beers under the hot Bulgarian sun.  An afternoon well spent trading travel stories with our new friends, taking advice for my pending move to London – a great day spent.

That night was a bit of an effort to head back out into the Golden Sands for the pub crawl, although none the less it was a good chance to get a flavour for some of the different bars that are in and around Varna – several cool outdoor venues that are incredibly popular as the Bulgarians embrace their beautiful weather.

2016-06-24 22.47.28A big night to back up a monster session during the afternoon was just what the doctor ordered, however the early morning bus to Romania was not going to be that fun on only a few hours of sleep.

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