View from Stanley Park
We landed in Vancouver after a pleasant flight from Calgary.  The afternoon we explored a bit of the downtown area that is Vancouver.  We wandered into some of the downtown shops, grabbed a Tim Horton’s donut and generally enjoyed what Vancouver has to offer.  We also needed to grab some last minute ski gear, so as has become customary in many of the cities that we have stayed we headed to a couple of shops to buy ski goggles.  We managed to find a quaint little Chinese restaurant where we had dinner before getting some rest, and charging the batteries for Whistler.
Lost Lagoon
The next morning we started the day with another Tim Horton’s, I am so glad that we don’t have them at home, otherwise, well the healthy eating would take a dire turn for the worst I would wager.  We walked from Downtown to Stanley Park and spent most of the day walking around the park and exploring the nature and the wildlife.  We walked to the beaches on the Pacific Coast as well as seeing the lakes that are within the park.  There was plenty of wildlife around, mostly ducks however we did sight a few squirrels as and a beaver dam!  However we were unlucky not to spot any beavers on the drizzly Vancouver day.
Enjoying the Hockey
On our way back we walked past the marina to see several expensive fishing boats that are moored within.  We also got to see a few sea planes in flight, taking off and landing which was something of a novelty as they are much harder to find at home.  After enjoying a full day of walking we found a restaurant close to our hostel that does surprisingly good meals for only $5.   A great find given how far into our trip we are.
Getting into the game!


That night we went to check out a junior hockey game, I think it was under 20 or under 18’s, but we saw the Vancouver Giants take on the out f town Rockets.  We were incredibly impressed with the speed and ferocity, at which the hockey moves, even in such a young league.  Three ‘periods’ of 20 minutes later and unfortunately our bad luck for home teams continued as we saw the Giants go down but it was just such an impressive game.  The ONLY disappointment was when we saw the start of a full on fight (why else do you go to the hockey?!) the referees went in to physically break it up, and I’m pretty sure I saw a ref cop a stray elbow!
Downtown Vancouver
Lost Lagoon Residents
After what was literally a whirlwind visit in Vancouver we headed back to our hostel to get a few hours sleep for the bus to our last stop Whistler early in the morning.
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