After a rough morning sail into Dubrovnik we finally arrived in this beautiful walled city.  We started by heading back into the old town.  This city is a sight to be seen, no words do it justice, you have to see it for yourself to believe its beauty.

2016-06-10 16.03.53We explored the old town and took in some of the sights, climbing to the tallest points within the city was remarkable.  After having lunch back on the boat we wandered back into Dubrovnik and headed up to tackle the city walls – an expensive entry is well worth it.

Later in the afternoon we joined a Game of Thrones tour, another key driver behind the popularity of the tourism in Dubrovnik.  We wandered through the city and some of the sights from the movie, unfortunately lost on me who hasn’t seen past season 1.

2016-06-10 16.42.06The fort of Lovrijenac offered up a spectacular view of the Dubrovnik old town.  For me an opportunity to try and take some pretty good photos – fortunately though when you are in Dubrovnik you don’t have to work to hard to get some good photos.

When the tour finished we found drinks on the city walls, overlooking the beautiful ocean.  It was our last night together as a group so our dinner was in a slightly nicer restaurant and we headed back to the boat to have a few final drinks and one last hurrah with our amazing crew and sailors.

We partied a little on the boats took a few great photos and enjoyed each others company one last time.  Heading out in Dubrovnik – it is expensive. Very expensive.  The Sky Bar is a lot of fun partying with the whole crew.  After our fellow sailors left I bumped into some fairly friendly Italians who were keeping the party going in Revelyn – a classy and expensive bar (although we were able to sneak in).

2016-06-11 01.00.08I saw the night out with new friends, a theme for my trip, dancing and partying having a great time – although getting back to the boat at 5am was definitely not the smartest idea that I have had!  This put the icing on our Sail Croatia for me.

A massive shout out to our legendary crew – Flane, Ivann, Ante, Bruno and El Kapitan these guys were awesome and treated us like kings and queens for a week.  These guys were the best.  Another huge shout out goes to our amazing Sail Croatia guide – Hana.  Hana made sure we had a great time, organising team dinners, shore excursions and helping to show us how to party Croatian style.

I would absolutely recommend spending some time sailing around Croatia – it is a wonderful way to meet amazing people, and have an amazing time.