Setting sail from Korčula we headed for the national parks in Mljet – it was only a short sail so we were able to enjoy another long swim stop off the coast as we waited to dock in.  Heading onto the mainland we set off to explore the national park.  The island of Mljet is over 50% national park, and a glorious national park it is.

Quite a few of us headed up to the main lake system to explore a little and take a refreshing swim (for a change).  The lakes here are quite untouched and beautiful – yet another perfect way to spend the day, relaxing and unwinding in the beauty that is this hidden part of Croatia.

dani_1Heading back to the boat we were enticed by the dive boats and how does Tom Cruise put it in Top Gun “we feel the need…”  We paid someone a little cash and had him take us out on his little inflatable.  A 4 – 5m rigid hull boat packing 250 horse power on the back.  It was a 15-minute rush that really had the adrenaline running.  Although it doesn’t sound that quick – 85km/h an hour on water is absolutely flying along.

Heading back into the port after tearing around the bay, we re-joined the boat and then set sail for Cîpan – we had a lovely bout of rough weather to look forward to the next morning, the Capitan made the call to head to a closer port.  Given the rougher weather a few of the crew decided to really turn on the day partying!  It was a pretty rowdy boat trip, and an even rowdier morning to be perfectly fair – but what happens on the boat…

john_1When we arrived in Cîpan we started to have dinner on the boat, however that was shortly delayed as the storm rolled in.  I hadn’t seen the crew moving so quickly to reinforce the boats and make sure they were properly secured and tied down.  The winds were pushing the waves into the boats and making it rock even as we were moored, fortunately our guys knew what they were doing – and we were pretty safely tied down.

After dinner we headed out to get a front-row seat to one of the most impressive lightning storms I have ever seen.   The lightning forked across the sky in a spectacular display over this tiny little town – truly hidden in amongst the many islands in Croatia.