We set sail early but it was being awoken to our cabin rocking and hearing the waves crash against the boat – definitely a rockier start than normal.  While we were sailing and enjoying the change of pace and the bumpier ride I was at this time quite glad no one on the boat gets particularly seasick.

2016-06-08 17.20.24We arrived in Korčula and after enjoying a quick lunch on the boat we headed out on kayaks to explore the islands around.  The water in Korčula is the bluest water that I have ever seen in my life.  It is the perfect temperature for swimming and so clear that you can see metres down.

On the kayaks it was the perfect day to be out on the water, enjoying the refreshing change of pace, and a little exercise that is something different and probably what my body needs.  When we got to our island destination we were able to do a little exploring around what was an old Franciscan Monastery and saw the beautiful deer that call this island home.  A short swim and beautiful kayak back delivered yet another chance to enjoy the water and the scenery.

2016-06-08 17.30.45Back in Korčula we took some time to explore the old town of yet another amazing city – walled completely from the outside sea.  We headed atop the bell tower to see some amazing views over the town.  As we wandered through the old town we were once again impressed with how well this is preserved.  We decided to relax a little with a cocktail in the highest cocktail bar in town, overlooking the city and the cliffs.

2016-06-08 18.55.17This particular port is one that has a noise curfew – quite early, 11:00 so the solution to this was a silent disco with DJ Ante – tearing up the decks (via YouTube).  Silent discos are loads of fun although as soon as some older classics came on (Mr Brightside) we quickly redefined the meaning of silent.

Another night out partying at different places around the island, trading shots for some wicked dance moves – and had a chance to party with a few of the sailors on our boat while we met others.  We let the night slip away finishing on the beach relaxing with some of our friends, happy to take the night at a slightly slower pace.