2016-06-07 18.14.27Setting sail from Stari Grad at a respectable time in the morning we made our way to the popular party island of Hvar.  Popular with Beyoncé and Prince Harry as we were soon told. As we were unable to dock in the port until 5 this gave us an opportunity to have a much longer swim stop – a real chance to relax, unwind and get plenty of swimming in.

We passed the time by swimming, sunbaking, swimming, having a few drinks, swimming, a little blog writing and some further swimming before we headed into port.

Upon arrival in Hvar, I was struck by the atmosphere of the place.  Different places stand out for different reasons and there was something in the air here that told us we would have fun!  Our first task though was to climb the beautiful fortress that overlooked the town.  Our reward was some amazing views over the township.


Source: Monocosm

Further exploring showed us how remarkable this little town is – somewhere I will definitely be heading back to explore, a great chance to escape the cold British winters, and somewhere that is a great place to turn the party on a little more!

Another group dinner yielded some of the better food that we had on the trip, although food envy on one fellow diner who managed to order the pick of the menu with a delectable squid and bacon dish.

2016-06-07 14.48.12Back on the boat for “happy hour” we enjoyed a few friendly drinks before heading out for the infamous Jager Train in Hvar, not as impressive as what they had on offer at Retox but was something I was more than happy to indulge.

The next place that we headed to was the famous Carpe Diem – home of the MIP (most important person) room.  Carpe Diem is undoubtedly a cool bar although we were a little out of season.  This is somewhere definitely worth returning to.

The party starts
The party starts

I was however wrong and it was just before 5 when we made it back on board after leaving Carpe Diem and enjoying some quality time on the beach sharing stories.  All present and accounted for back on board we set sail for our next town.