There is nothing like waking up to the sound of the large engines starting on the boat and remembering that you need to close the porthole before you get wet.  Good Morning!

2016-06-06 14.08.58After a night partying in Makarska we headed along to our next stop – Stari Grad.  Slavic for old town this city was something quite special – but of course it wouldn’t be a day on the boat without swimming and sun baking.

As we headed into the town I was again blown away by the coastline – here is quite similar to the rest of Croatia, boasting a spectacular rugged scenery that we could enjoy on our boat in.

jono_2We headed out for a quick spot of exploring when we landed in the port, attempted to make the hike up the hill before realising we were a little restricted by timelines so we wandered through the city, visiting the church within the old town and ultimately settling for a few refreshing drinks

We had a little lunch – and then had a chance to enjoy a little wine tasting for Croatian wines.  Most of us from the boat headed out, unfortunately we are spoiled for choice with Australian wines.   It was a treat however to learn a little around the wine from the region.

2016-06-06 14.19.17The Croatian wine is far more watery than most of the wine that we have back home but being able to enjoy some great company with our friends on the table, it was also an interesting vineyard because it has a heritage listing with UNESCO for the a beautiful collection of ancient walls that encircle the city.

After we finished our wine tasting we headed back into the city for something of a relax on the boat, sunbaking on the top deck, a chance for a siesta and to chill out – and to catch up some sleep from the previous night.

We all sat down and enjoyed a dinner on the boat with the fellow sailors and enjoyed a few classic rum and coke and rums – after all we are on a ship.  It was a pretty tame night though certainly judging on the previous nights standards but a good opportunity to recharge as our next destination is the party island of Hvar!

2016-06-07 17.52.04