Sail Croatia was something that we had been looking forward to for a little while – and spoiler alert – it didn’t disappoint.

2016-06-04 16.49.12A week of sailing around, sightseeing and partying with an amazing group of people is the perfect way to get a taste of Croatia while having a great time!  A special shout out to all of our fellow sailors– you guys were awesome.

We sat down for a cheeky drink on the boat and we started meeting our fellow sailors while we set sail.  If possible Split is an even more amazing city from the water – indescribable is certainly a word that comes to mind.

Firstly a little more about our crew though – we are spending a week with these people and we were both hopeful that the crowd were a cool bunch of people.  We were not disappointed – they were a great group that really made our trip.  All of us from across the world, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom and Ireland!  As we have come to expect from our travels Aussies made up more than half of our crew but the best kind of Aussies.  I will say that amongst a crowd of nearly 30 people there is a slight challenge to remember everyone’s names – let it begin.

2016-06-04 16.32.43After sailing for a few hours enjoying the calm waters in the Adriatic – we reached our first swim stop – a chance for some of us to jump off the boat and into the refreshing water below – certainly something that I could get used to.

We enjoyed a beautiful swim and a relaxing sunbake on the top deck of our boat (there is going to be a lot of this for the next few days).  After a little while we headed into Port in Omiš – an historic pirate town just south of Split.

Omiš has 2 beautiful pirate forts, overlooking the sea and situated conveniently on the river.  The smaller fort was our first objective, a pleasant climb up to the top of the fortress the views from here over Omiš were beautiful and more than worth the short climb up.

2016-06-04 16.49.12After dinner and a few drinks we headed out to a local café that converts to a bar while the boats are in the port for a night of a little music and dancing for the really keen then I took the initiative to lead a group of people to another bar, only the group didn’t follow so before I knew it I landed in a bar full of Croatian music, and Omiš locals – who were all too happy to do a little partying with their newest Aussie friend!

The next morning we had an early start and climbed up to the larger fortress in Omiš – a funny thing happens to your fitness when you have been avoiding exercise and doing a little partying in every city for 3 months.  Massive props to the guide from Sail Croatia who was waiting around to make sure I didn’t just collapse and die on the climb up.

He was also full of interesting history, especially about the pirates from Omiš.  The pirates would use this town, and the nearby river to launch attacks on big trade ships, fortress to identify the targets attack then retreat up the river that was too shallow for the bigger ships to lay chase.  The strategic position of the fortress also allowed for an extremely safe way to store their treasure and so far on top of the hill allowed for an extremely effective and defensible position.

The views from the top were incredible – certainly worth the hike up – a truly amazing view from the top was the reward for an hour long climb up the mountain.