The Famous Leaning Tower


Today we got up early to take a whirlwind (literally) trip to Pisa to see ‘the worlds most famous tower’ before we head into Rome.
We arrived at the Leaning Tower and is a sight to be seen.  The lean in the tower is the result of improper foundations underneath the tower, coupled with soft ground that has resulted of the tower having a lean of about 4 degrees.  Engineers have recently been working hard to stabilise the tower and have succeeded in making it stable for at least 200 years.
It has been standing since the year 1200 and was originally a bell tower that stood free.  Before the restoration work took place the tower leaned as much as 5.5 degrees.  Whilst we were at the sight of the tower we stuck our heads into the big church that sits opposite the tower to find some beautiful paintings and the grandeur that we have come to expect from the many churches that we have seen in Europe.
The Basilca inside the Church

After seeing the tower we grabbed a quick bite of lunch and boarded the train back to Rome, all in all a relatively quick trip.  When we arrive in Rome we will be spending about 5 nights there so for those of you missing my extended blog entries you can look forward to one coming out of Rome.
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