Beach by night
After travelling for most of the day on the train we arrived to glorious sunshine in the famous beachside town of Nice, located in the French Riviera.  It was great to get some good weather in this city that is perhaps best known for its beaches.  After checking into our hotel, we set out to explore a bit of the town, walking down the main street we discovered a spectacular fountain before reaching the beach.  The stone beaches at Nice boats arguably some of the bluest water that I have ever seen.  It is so relaxing; the city just feels a lot more relaxed than many of the other cities that we have visited.  We took a walk along the famous Promenade des Anglais and took some magnificent photos of the Riviera by twilight before heading out to enjoy a reasonable French seafood dinner and some of the famous French wine.
Sunset on the beach
The next day we made the effort to get up early and go for a much needed run along the Riviera and the chosen track boasts much better sights than what’s on offer at home.  After a refreshing exercise session we enjoyed a French breakfast before setting out for some sightseeing.  First stop was the well known Hotel Negresco before we headed to the best lookout in Nice to take some shots of the beautiful beachfront.  Unfortunately it was about this time we were met by our old enemy the rain.  Fortunately it was the perfect time for lunch so we took a break and waited for the rain to subside.
Rue de Anlgais
After lunch we visited the museum of natural history that has a collection of the native wildlife and flora of the countryside.  It was quite interesting to see many of the animals and read a little about their history.  We spent the rest of the afternoon looking around in shops along the main street before enjoying a traditional French dinner at a local restaurant.
Restaurants by Night Nice
The next day we got up early and headed into Monaco a place I have heard dubbed as the ‘city of kings’.  This French speaking principality is quite small but houses some of the world’s most expensive super-yachts and the famous Monte Carlo casino.   We spent the morning exploring the marina and admiring the yachts that hold values well over $10m.  We enjoyed walking through the sunshine in the terrace gardens of the casino.  We ventured inside and were somewhat disappointed with what we saw; it might be a little overhyped.
After spending the morning exploring the city we enjoyed a lunch overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Grand Marina.  Surprisingly though Monaco is quite a small place and after you have seen the Casino and walked around the Marina, there is not a whole lot more to see, so we caught a train back to Nice and spent the rest of the afternoon strolling around the city enjoying the ambience.
My New House (Monaco)
My New Boat (on the end)
Nice was a fairly laidback city, Monaco was a productive visit; I did manage to window shop for my next house, and boat.
The Highlights:
Nice Main Street
I know I keep harping on about this point but I am really enjoying being able to speak the language in France, and even happier when the locals speak back in French, although when I hear “your French is very good” from a waiter I am never completely sure if they really think that or are angling for a better tip!
Nice Beaches
Monaco was a really cool city.  It was great to walk around the city and see the toys of the rich and famous.   Special mention goes to the Ferrari driver who stopped to let a 5 year old boy take a photo of his car.  The kid couldn’t believe his luck!
The funniest thing that I saw:
A case of lost in translation with this popular movie, I am not sure how accurate “one bad night” is for a title.  Maybe it’s just me but I know lots of people who think those events were in fact awesome.
The View from the top
The Final Word:
French Riviera is amazing, certainly somewhere that I could see myself living, so relaxing and just has a great vibe about it that is obvious as soon as you step off the train.


The Monte Carlo
The famous Grand Marina (Monaco)
Main Square Monaco
A Casual Morning Stoll down the road


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