Miami – wow what a town! I know I say this about almost every town I visit but to be honest it is certainly the people that made the partying incredible! What a weekend.

That sunset!
That sunset!

My flight got me in from Puerto Rico around 830 and by 9 I was ready to party with some new friends! Staying at the Miami Beach Hostel – well known for its party culture I met some amazing people from all over the world. Night number 1 saw us head to the popular Club Liv – possibly the most exclusive, or certainly well-known club in Miami! I think we managed to stumble into a pretty big rapper who was performing that night, we turned the party on!

A few points from Liv which I found alarming and humorous. Firstly – the price of drinks – wow – $12 US for a Corona, and $27 for a rum and coke! The second part I particularly liked was the large security guard asking me to ‘back up’ quite firmly, to be fair there was only a wall of a few hundred people behind me…I am not quite sure what he was thinking, alas I digress.

Life on the Airboat
Life on the Airboat

After enjoying a bit of a sleep in I headed out to do some work, the boring side of travel but also quite necessary if I want to continue to stay on the road. I was just about to head back out to a café after lunch when one buddy, Mike, stopped me an convinced me (it wasn’t hard) to head down to the Florida Everglades.

The Everglades are a famous, slow moving river area of Florida that spans 160kms long and over 97kms wide. Home to a wide variety of wildlife including the famous alligators. The highlight of this trek was certainly drifting on the Airboats! This was a lot of fun, and a rare opportunity to see wild alligators. While in the Everglades we also had the chance to see a wildlife show – also realising that alligators aren’t the most aggressive creatures despite what popular media would have us believe.

Street art - Miami style!
Street art – Miami style!

Heading back to Miami – I decided to head out and explore the artists side of Miami, Wynward – an amazing area full of street art – it was very cool, plenty of little trendy bars, and places where we managed to drink on the streets and enjoy the art. I also managed to stalemate an engineer in Giant Jenga (mutually agreed draw)! Was a great night. Although it didn’t stop there!

Headed with some very cool people to Story Nightclub, sharing memories with cool people make the experiences so much better! Story was a very cool night club, and it was a lot of fun! Not one I will soon forget, while it was another expensive club going with the hostel did yield free drinks (or at least a few that were alcoholic). A night spent partying with cool people is, in my opinion, a night well spent.

The beauty of Wynward
The beauty of Wynward


Miami – Day 3 was completely work filled, sadly all the work I had neglected built up – but that’s life when you travel and work! I was planning on having a quiet night but very quickly realised that heading out for a few extra drinks wasn’t a bad idea – sadly 1 or 2 turned into a 5am bed time (read my piece on NOLA for how that worked out). Nikki Beach is a cool club, although it was definitely a great bunch of people that made that night. Special shout out to the awesome people that made my time in Miami incredible – you guys know who you were!

In summary – Miami rocks! It was incredible! Met some amazing people, had a great time partying after a quieter few weeks in Puerto Rico, will definitely see some of these amazing friends again. What can I say – Miami is Miami!

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