London.  My new home after I finish travelling – it was nice to get back into the city that I do quite enjoy.  I don’t enjoy the 17 hours of flying to get there – however my buddy John was travelling for 27 so I suppose there is little that I can really complain about.

Famous entrance to the London Underground
Famous entrance to the London Underground

Checked into what was a reasonable hostel in London – I am yet to find one here that I really love, so feel free to shout out any recommendations if you have them!  An early night was in order ready to explore the town a little, and to sort out my visa the next day.

Waking up early (thanks tremendous construction around SoHo in London!) I headed out to Fullham to sort out my visa – ironically I planned a trip back to London to sort it out in a week – at the advice of the British Home Office, however to my delight the identity card and residency permit was ready – so you can call it as official now – I am able to live here for at least the next 5 years.  Let me know when you are all coming to visit.

The beautiful gates of Green Park
The beautiful gates of Green Park

After a successful day I decided to treat myself, and explore one of the areas recommended I look for an apartment – Camden.  Camden is a really cool, very trendy part of London – where a lot of the cool people in London are based, exactly the kind of place that I want to be living.

Changing of the Guards

Pub crawls are a phenomenal way to meet new people, and new friends – and this one didn’t disappoint, sampling the different bars through Camden, taking “heat” for being convicts and giving it back just as good to the tour guides was the start of a good night, that ended up partying off the beaten track with a stack of local brits.  What an experience.

Buckingham Palace

Up bright and early the next morning though – the lack of sleep was a little bothersome as I met John to welcome him in, and to do the touristy walking tour around the key sites.  Having been here before I have heard all the good stories – except that of the Irishman who famously broke into Buckingham Palace and had a wonderful conversation with the queen before she alerted her guards- even more remarkably he got off scott free!

Changing of the Guards

That night 3 of us (add one travel buddy from the plane – Bailey) we headed out on the ‘famous’ one big night out pub crawl unfortunately it was underwhelming to say the least but you can’t win them all (you can try though) – we started in perhaps the only bar in the UK not showing the champions league game (yes I am serious) and it was really downhill from there but it made for several good stories, including getting rinsed paying 25pounds for 3 drinks – London might be an expensive city to live in after all.

Last day was pretty chilled as we headed up north to Scotland, specifically Glasgow for the next leg of our trip.


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