Well its been a long time between drinks on the travel front.

Petronas Towers at

Travel is definitely something you can pick up where you left off without missing a beat.   Slipping back into the travel groove I spent the most recent weekend in Kual Lumpur!

Petronas Towers

This is a city you can fall in love with – cheap food – cheap shopping – cheap drinks it is a gem in South East Asia!  The city is also so easy to navigate with cheap trians and a pleasant walk for those willing to brave the heat!

Staying at the party hostel Reggae Mansion the first night set the standard.  It started out by finding a pub to watch the Asia Cup Final and the sensational result for the aussies !  It seemed only fitting that we celebrated and the rooftop bar at our hostel was as good a spot as any!  That night I met a stack of awesome people as we drank that night away!  The drinks over in KL are so very cheap.  We were buying buckets of vodka and redbull with 6 or so shots (was hard to keep up when he kept free pouring after the 6).  It cost me about 8 aussie dollars.  Ironically cheaper to drink it at that bar than buy a bottle and mix it yourself at home!

Hindu Devotee at
Batu Caves

Sunday morning was very rough – hungover in a country thats hot and has high humidity is not as fun as it sounds!  But after writing off the morning and staring down a slice of toast (toast won) I headed to the Batu Caves on the weekend of the Malaysian festival of Thaipusman.  These remarkable caves are said to be over 400million years old.  There was plenty to see here including a religous procession with pretty committed devotees walking with large hooks in their backs!  Also present were the little monkeys that are quite sophisticated at retrieving their own food.

Sunday night was an opportunity to relax and recover a little

The monkeys are
resourceful to
get food

further although when a tower of beer is $40 it has the potential to turn nig fairly quickly.

Monday was an opportunity to see a few more of the sights – the Masjid Jamek

mosque, the city gallery, the local bird park and PetronasTowers again they are a must see and definitely at night!  The sightseeing here is great and I definitely recommend a visit to the Petronas towers.

Entrance to Batu Caves

On Monday night a few of us decided to try the bars outside the hostel – Chankat Batu Bintang the most “happening” street in KL according to our driver – lived up to the hype as I drank with new friends and made plans to show them Melbourne when they visit!

Malaysia is an awesome destination for tourists and a must do on any travellers bucket list!  Especially for the partying!

Next stop Thailand!

Masjid Jamek Mosque