2016-06-12 16.49.17Arriving into Kotor – we were welcomed with a terrible hit of rain, however that didn’t stop us from noticing how truly surreal, and phenomenal this city truly is!  Built into the mountain, the photos do not do this city half the justice it deserves – a week of partying we needed a little break and got an Airbnb apartment situated inside the old town.

After resting a little we wandered around what is a beautiful city, medieval, city.  Completely enclosed within the old city walls that date back to the 13th and 14th century this city reminded us of a lesser known Dubrovnik but with its own character and charm.   Perched on a hill overlooking the old city is a spectacular ruined fortress, something to explore tomorrow but nonetheless impressive to admire from below.

2016-06-13 12.23.10Our first afternoon was a chance to explore the old town a little, dodging patches of rain and taking in this cities enchanting beauty.  After a week of Sail Croatia an apartment was in order and it was some welcome respite.  We spent a pretty low key night although for the first time decided to properly embrace the Euro tournament – and even went as far as picking teams (Allez les Bleus!)

2016-06-13 12.42.06After a great nights sleep we ventured up the mountain for an hour or so to explore the ancient ruins of the fortress – I was taken back at how extensive the ruins were.  This has been one of the more remarkable things we have seen, because in addition to the fortress ruins there were also a number of little shacks, lookouts and little buildings along the way, it truly is something that the photos do not do justice for.

2016-06-14 14.08.05After we descended from the fortress we bumped into Dominic – a roommate from Dubrovnik incidentally staying in the town as us next, we shared lunch and a few drinks over the Euro while we got to know each other a little better.  It was later that evening while out on the pub crawl when we met another friend from back in Slovenia, Michael – someone I didn’t find on Facebook, but a happy coincidence that we would all meet together.  The pub crawl was ok – for a small town, the irony as they pitch it as being the best – even if the guides are jerks.

2016-06-14 14.54.26After a tame night we headed to the popular beach resort of Budva where we could take in the sun and explore this town.  We wandered around another beautiful old city – there is something about Montenegrin cities not only are they are quite beautiful but they are something special.  Budva has a cool feel to it, very relaxed, very much on island time and a great chance to enjoy a few quiet beers in the sun.

We spent some time discovering the citedella and watched the Euro game before heading back to Kotor for another pub crawl.  Another pub crawl, slightly busier but a relatively subdued night again we did met a few interesting people though – in particular one lad who was a fraud investigator in Hong Kong – a point for some fascinating conversation given recent experiences back home.

Our next day started slowly as we headed to the Podgorica it was a pretty uneventful time spent there, we found a cinema and a very very cheap dinner before boarding possibly the worst bus I have ever taken in my life.  More on that later.

2016-06-14 15.44.17