The Spray off the Falls
It is always hardest to follow on from a city where we had an awesome time in but Buffalo nailed it.  It was nice to get out of the busier cities for a bit of respite in a quieter town.
Buffalo is of course famous for the Niagara Falls, an incredible set of waterfalls that sit on the American/Canadian border – the world’s longest undefended border.  We checked into our hotel and took a quick nap after having to get up so early to catch our flight.  After waking up refreshed we enjoyed a quick lunch in our hotels restaurant and headed out to see the falls.
We walked (yes walked) into Canada and got the most amazing view of the American Falls and the Horse-Shoe falls – this is something that is so remarkable words do not really do it the justice it deserves so I have uploaded several photos but it is certainly something that I would see again.
We braved the 0 degree temperatures to stay and enjoy the beauty of the majestic falls for a while before we walked back into the states.  These falls are incredible, having almost 3million litres of water pass over them per second and being responsible for powering large parts of both the USA and Canada with its incredible hydroelectric power.  The only downside of our visit was that the maid of the mist tour boats had stopped running a couple of weeks before we got there.  This was a little disappointing but the falls were still worth the trip up.
American Falls (Left)
Horseshoe Falls (Right)
That night we caught up with Brinindune, who followers of my blog would remember we met in Italy.  Brin and one of his friend’s s Andy came to pick us up from our hotel, and took us out for a brilliant night on the town, treating us well and truly like kings.  They took us first to one of the better restaurants in town where we were able to enjoy a delicious pot roast or steak dinner and a lovely half bottle of wine before we began a pub crawl through all of the best spots.  We were joined along the way by Erin, another friend and our night began!
The Buffalo crew showing us the town –
Dennis, Brinindune, James, Andy
Erin and Michelle
The night was so cool and we must have hit about 5 or 6 different bars sampling local beers and good old favourites.  We had such a great time getting to know Andy and Erin who are really cool people and catching up with Brin.  We shared several drinks and Brin and Andy just kept buying them.  We hit a couple of different bars which were an interesting experience, one in particular, then headed to a bar to play some pool before ending up at our last destination where we enjoyed some famous Buffalo hot wings.
After that we decided to call it a night and Andy was the top bloke who decided to stay sober and drop us home.  It was such a good night, up there with the best on our trip!
The Falls by NIght
Horseshoe Falls by night
The next day started a little slow for me, and slower for Michelle but a filling breakfast of bacon and eggs cleaned up the night before, we checked out and wandered out to again see the falls, this time from the American side.  The view is certainly better from the Canadian side, I must admit but it was still majestic to get a glimpse of this wonderful sight again.  After returning and seeing a black squirrel we chilled in our hotel, until it was time to head to the airport for our flight to Washington DC.


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